Silver Chalice with Dragon Footed Pedestal
Silver Dragon Brooch   ◊   Yellow Citrine
Silver Dragon Belt Buckle
Silver Moonstone Pendant  ◊  Braided Silver Dragon Chain
Silver Dragon Pendant   ◊   Aquamarine Chrystal
Silver Brooch   ◊  Blue Moonstone
Silver Dragon Pendant  ◊  Cabochon Ruby
Ring: Blue Moonstone, 13x9 mm; Silver w/18kt Gold.
Belt: Dragon in Silver w/18kt Gold.
Silver Bangle  ◊  Imperial Jade
Silver Ring  ◊  Faceted Tormaline
Silver Pendant  ◊  Landscape Agate
Silver Dragon Pendant  ◊  18K Gold Accent  ◊   Nephrite Jade
Earrings: Carnelian,  15 mm diam.; Silver w/18kt Gold.
Silver Chalice
Silver Dragon Chalice
Thor's Hammer Pendant  ◊   Silver with Ruby
Bangle Bracelet   ◊   Amethyst
Silver Dragon Neckring   ◊   Amethyst
Silver Dragon Clasp with Gold Eyes   ◊   Black Leather Cord
Silver Chain with Dragon Clasp
Earrings: Nephrite Jade, 14x10 mm; Silver w/18kt Gold.
Moonstone   ◊   Leather and Silver with Gold Dragon Eyes
Cup: 2.5x3.75 in.; Silver w/Blue Moonstones.
Silver Ring  ◊  18K Gold Accents  ◊  Imperial Jade
Clasp   ◊   Leather and Silver with Gold Dragon Eyes
Silver Ring  ◊  18K Gold Accents  ◊  Cabochon Ruby
Silver dragon
Necklace, silver & gold ornaments. With Carnelion.
Large necklace, silver & gold ornaments. Carnelions.
Ring, silver & 18 kt. Goldbezel. Black star sapphire, 7 ct.
Ring, silver & goldbezel. Garnet.
Ring, silver & goldornaments, w. Nephrite jade.
Ring, silver & gold ornaments. With Chrysoprase.
Ring, silver & goldbezel,18 kt gold ornaments. Star sapphire, 3,5 ct.
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